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Cycles - Indiction Cycle
Eponymous officials
Era - Actian
Regnal Years - Ptolemies
Regnal Years - Roman Emperors
Roman Consulships
Titulature of Roman Emperors

Eponymous Officials

  • Archon of the Jewish Community at Berenike
  • Bishop at Cyrene
  • Bishop at Theodorias
  • Consularis at Pentapolis
  • Ephebarch at Ptolemais
  • Ephebarch at Cyrene
  • Ephebarch at Ptolemais at Ptolemais
  • Epimelete at Cyrene
  • Flamen of the two colonies at Apollonia
  • Gymnasiarch at Ptolemais
  • Gymnasiarch at Cyrene
  • Hypereton at Ptolemais
  • Prefect at Province of Egypt
  • Priest of ?Apollo at Teucheira
  • Priest of ?Apollo at Ptolemais
  • Priest of Apollo at Cyrene
  • Priest of Apollo at Berenike
  • Priest of Apollo at Apollonia
  • Priest of Augustus at Cyrene
  • Proconsul at Province of Crete and Cyrene
  • Strategos at Cyrene